Fulfill Requirements/Academic Credit

Gain unique experience with newly-arrived refugees. Earn academic credit. 
Fulfill your college requirements. 

Students involved with the IRC at UCSD are exposed to issues such as global conflict, international relations, public policy, public health, social justice, early childhood education, financial assistance, economic empowerment, food security and agriculture, community development, and more. Many students are able to use their hours spent volunteering with the IRC to fulfill class, college, and/or GE requirements.

Class Credit
Academic Internship Program - provides the opportunity to earn academic credit for an internship related to your studies and professional/career goals. AIP is an upper-division, credit-bearing special studies course open to juniors and seniors in all academic disciplines. Students enroll in AIP 197: Academic Internship Program. Students intern for a designated number of hours each week of the quarter, and work with a UCSD faculty advisor to write a research paper related to the internship.
4 units: 10 hours/week + 10 page paper
8 units: 20 hours/week + 20 page paper
12 units: 30 hours/week + 30 page paper

Specific College/GE Requirements
EDS | Partners at Learning -  EDS classes require volunteer time in San Diego classrooms, easily met through volunteering with the IRC. UCSD students may use these classes for EDS minor, EDS credential prerequisites, and specific college requirements including: 

* Disciplinary Breadth
* Public Service Options for Academic Credit 

* Regional Specialization (The Americas and Multi-Ethnic U.S. track)

* Practicum Requirement

* Programs of Concentration (PofC)
* Specialized PofCs - Social Science 

As of Fall 2011, all candidates for a Bachelor's degree at UCSD must satisfy a DEI requirement. EDS 136 fulfills this requirement.